Appolonianism and Dionysianism

It is the two Greek Gods. Apollo is the God of order, wisdom, beauty and Dionysiac is God of disorder, stupidity, ugliness. Both are diametrically opposite in nature. The author Fredric Nietzsche has compare and contrast between the dream and intoxication. In dream, if it is good then you want to continue your dream but in intoxication the dream is not in your control. The author concern is about art. How any art can be sublime or beautiful? If  the art is created by mixing or combining two  kind of characters i.e. of Apollo and Dionysiac  then it will be a sublime art. It also deals on aesthetic ( how people treat beauty).  the essay says that aesthetics has been stagnant. The author also analyzes history of art from Greek civilization to Modern history. In every civilization after Greek there was not good quality of duality.


“The Boss”

The poem “The Boss” – David Ignatow is compromised relationship between the boss and the employers. According, to the poem I came to know how the boss treats their employers and how the employers behaves. The boss is a grumpy old man, fear about his age and afraid about the employers to know  his secret and also being disrespect by the employers.

The same situation happens in my daily life situation also. In my neighborhood there is a shop whose boss is a old man of age 60. I heard the voice of the boss from my room shouting at his employees saying that they didn’t show any sincerity toward their work. Meanwhile, I also heard the giggling sound from the employers which shows the relationship between the boss and the employee like Ignatow conveyed in the poem.